About Us

The University of Reading Islamic Society is an active student run group within the Reading University Students Union (RUSU) which provides essential services for all its members such as spiritual, social and academic support. The main aim of the society is to create a comfortable environment where Muslims can practice their faith and for this purpose prayer facilities are managed  for both female and male worshippers at the Archway Lodge Building located on the Whiteknights campus. The society also organises sports activities such as football and charity events and also arranges lectures and exhibitions to promote a better understanding of Islam. In addition it also organises daily Iftar (breaking the fast dinner) and Taraweeh prayers (night prayers) during Ramadan.

Our Vision

To be one of the most active and efficiently run University Islamic Society in the UK. Also we inspire to be an Islamic Society that provides the best services to our members which allows them to practice their beliefs comfortably and participate in activities which strengthens unity and sense of community.

Our Mission

According to our Islamic beliefs and values, we aim to operate the society efficiently and responsibly to offer the following services:

  • Provide a clean, comfortable and tranquil place of worship so that all members can offer their 5 daily obligatory prayers and Friday prayers

  • Organise Islamic, sports, cultural and charity events to increase unity within the society and the local community.

  • Promote a greater understanding of Islam within the confines of the University and the community of Reading

  • Strive to support local charities, environmental organizations and NGO’s, either by donations or by volunteering and to provide assistance worldwide regardless of race, belief or colour where men, women and children are facing the threats of war, famine, exploitation or economic hardship

Our Values

Committee Members

Br Omar
Br OmarPresident
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Sr Leila
Sr LeilaMedia and Publicity
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Sr NadirahEvents Manager
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Sr UzlifaVice President and Welfare (Sisters)
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Br Ishawu
Br IshawuCentre Coordinator
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Sr Siddiqa
Sr SiddiqaSecretary
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Br Abdul Minhas
Br Abdul MinhasVice President and Welfare (Brothers)
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Br ShakibTreasurer
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Connect with Us

The University of Reading Islamic Society promotes various activities throughout the academic year, so connect with us to find out about the latest news and events.