Asalamualikum everyone,

Following advice from both the University and the Government, the Committee have taken the decision to suspend Jummah prayers, Iftaar, and Taraweeh. This may be a shock to some and it is understandable. This was a difficult decision to make. However, the spread of the virus and the risk it poses to vulnerable people is far too great. Our priority is the safety of muslims, first and foremost. So these steps have been taken to prevent the spread and reduce exposure to COVID-19.
Furthermore, we request that you avoid visiting the Muslim Centre if possible. If you do go to pray, please do not loiter in or around the building. Simply perform wudhu and Salah, then leave. We strongly recommend that you self-isolate, and pray at home – to protect yourselves and others.
Building on previous announcements, we have cancelled Halaqa, Quran classes, and further talks/events.
In terms of what you can do to protect yourselves, please avoid leaving your residence unless absolutely necessary. Wash your hands thoroughly for at least 30 seconds, block your coughs/sneezes, and avoid touching your nose, eyes and mouth. If you display the symptoms of a cough and a high fever (greater than 37.8) please self isolate for at least 7 days from when these symptoms start and call 111 for further advice and guidance.

For further information from the University, please visit

Please take of yourselves and others.

Jazakullah, Bilal Ur-Rehman.